Scientists reported about the first victims of climate catastrophe

From the study in the journal Nature shows that the current level of carbon in the atmosphere, 73% of species on Earth are threatened by potentially catastrophic effects of warming.

Scientists have divided the planet into segments of 100 square km each and put into the system the observations and the forecast parameters for 150 years (1850 to 2100), modelling trends for each of the segments. Trends compared with spreading on land and in the ocean 30 thousand species of birds, reptiles, fish and mammals.

it Turned out that the most vulnerable will be the biological systems in the tropical zones of the ocean. There by 2030 can begin the changes that can’t be reversed. Global warming by 4% will affect 15% of the animals on the planet.

the study Authors called on to hold warming at 2 degrees, then the resulting figure will be reduced by 2%, which is safer for bissoondath.