Researchers from tel Aviv University (Israel) used a new method of architectural analysis and found that the oldest temple in the world gobekli Tepe in modern Turkey was built 11,500 years ago with amazing accuracy and as a single architectural complex.

a study published in the journal Cambridge Archaeological Journal, and briefly about it, says EurekAlert. It is believed that a colossal structure in South-Eastern Anatolia is the earliest known temple in human history. His age is estimated at about 11,500 years ago, meaning it was built 6000 years before the famous Stonehenge.

This object was discovered in 1994 by a German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt. Since tense debate in archaeological circles. After all, in the beginning of the construction of a temple on this site was not settled farmers, there lived hunter-gatherers.

it is believed that these people were too primitive to build a correct complex. The practice of planning facilities and use of geometry arose much later than the period in which they were built Göbekli Tepe.

Therefore, until now, scientists believed that the temple was built in several stages, perhaps over several millennia. However, the new method allowed us to determine that the temple of gobekli Tepe was originally conceived as a single complex. Moreover, the ancient architects created a very geometrically accurate layout.

In their paper, the researchers detail three monumental round structure, the diameter of the largest of which was 20 metres. A computer algorithm helped to recreate the design process and showed that all structures in this temple were linked at an early Neolithic stage.

“Göbekli Tepe is an archaeological miracle, says study co-author Professor AVI Gopher. – Built Neolithic communities 11500-11000 years ago, it has a huge circular stone structures and monumental stone columns up to 5.5 meters. Since in this region there is no evidence of settled agriculture or the domestication of animals at the time, it is believed that this object was built by hunter-gatherers. However, they are very unusual such complex architecture”.

Professor Gopher and his team say that the three studied structures were designed as a single whole, in accordance with the sequential geometric pattern. If you link their centers with straight lines, we get an equilateral triangle.

it is Noteworthy that the early farmers appeared in Göbekli Tepe not before 10,500 years ago, practically not used in the construction of their objects are triangles. Their construction was the correct round or rectangular shape. Computer algorithm also showed Thuabout the first buildings in this temple was erected with the minimum error corresponding to even modern standards deviations.

the New study does not disprove the theory that part of the complex was built much later and was built over a long period of time. However, it proves that the basic geometric pattern was first constructed.