a Group of researchers under the leadership of virologist Florian Krammer of the research center at new York network hospitals Mount Sinai believe that antibodies are produced in nearly all patients who recover from coronavirus. About the study according to The New York Times.

Antibodies are produced regardless of age, gender and severity of disease. The study was conducted according to the data of 624 patients. First, the antibody tests gave a positive result in 511 participants, the rest of them were too small or not there at all. For re-testing of antibodies found in 60 people. According to scientists, this may indicate that the test results depend on the term of their holding after recovery.

the representative of the world health organization (who) in Russia, Melita Vujnović previously reported that the presence of antibodies to coronavirus does not guarantee that people will not be infected again.

the world was 3.85 million infected COVID-19. Most in the USA — Just 1.26 million died, about 270 thousand people.