Climatologists from the Cambridge Center for Climate Recovery have proposed to combat climate change not only by reducing carbon dioxide emissions, but also by restoring the melting ice sheets of the Arctic. This is reported by Metro.

In particular, a research group led by Sir David King proposes a method that he calls “lightening sea clouds.” In accordance with the group’s development, salt water drops under high pressure will be released directly into the air with the help of special sprayers. Sprayers are supposed to be installed on motorboats that will sail to the shores of the Arctic glacier. When they evaporate, the remaining salt crystals rise up under the action of natural convection currents and help form clouds overhead, reflecting sunlight off the ice and allowing it to form a thicker layer of protection during the summer months.

Nevertheless, King adds that this does not mean that it is possible to abandon traditional methods of combating climate change, since all possible risks from the use of such technologies have not yet been fully studied, and the implementation of the project will take at least 4-5 years.

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