Scientists have proposed a non-trivial way of the fight against hunger in the world. To solve the problem they are going through cockroaches. It turned out that their milk is much more nutritious than cow’s.

However, it is not the milk in the usual sense of the word, but a special secret, which is able to produce cockroaches-beetles of the species Diploptera punctata. In the liquid are all needed by the human body nutrients such as fats, amino acids, protein and other useful components, according to the scientific publication Science Alert, citing a study by Indian experts from the Institute for stem cell biology and regenerative medicine.

The main task is to learn how to produce milk on an industrial scale. As to milking cockroaches does not, scientists are trying to play a nutritional product in the laboratory. And then, they believe, it will be possible to feed all of humanity. However, only in the case if the cost would be acceptable.

Previously in Myanmar, wrote were found of amber with an ancient cockroach. Sealed on-site to insect as suggested by experts, approximately 100 million years.