Weather in may in Moscow can be abnormally cold. About this report “Meteonovosti”.

In April, as reported by “the Rambler”, the average monthly air temperature in the capital was below the norm by one degree. During the first 12 days of may the average daily temperature in the city exceeded the norm by two or three degrees.

For most of the remaining days of the month, according to forecasters, the temperature will be considerably below normal. Its approach to the norm (about 10 degrees at night, about 20 degrees in the afternoon) is expected only after may 25. If the forecasts are correct, the average monthly temperature in Moscow may be abnormally cold.

“And this is a plus. No wonder people have a saying that in our latitudes, "may — cold, year — corny"” — note the “Meteonovosti”.

In late April, the Federal service for Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring (Roshydromet) has predicted that the summer temperature in 2020 will be above normal over almost the entire territory of Russia.