Leading medical expert advising the Hong Kong government about the coronavirus, called the “degree of infectiousness” of this infection. Writes about this edition of South China Morning Post.

Professor Gabriel Leung (Leung Gabriel), Dean of the medical school of the University of Hong Kong, said the new strain of the virus increased the infection rate by 30 percent due to a mutation of DNA. According to him, one infected person can infect four people. “This is the beginning of a sustained mass outbreak of the virus that we’ve never seen,” he warned.

the Scientist added that the local study has confirmed this trend, as the number of people expected to get infected from each infected person rose from two and a half to three in March to four currently. However, there was no evidence that the virus has become more deadly.

Earlier, South Korean authorities also said that the country is rapidly spreading particularly contagious strain of the coronavirus GH. Researchers at the Korea center for control and prevention of diseases found in the GH strain, which mutated from the strain S, in 333 cases out of 526 are studied. It is known that GH is distributed six times faster than other subtypes of coronavirus. In addition, it is easier to attach to cells in the body.

According to the latest data, the world’s 12.7 million cases of infection. For all the time of a pandemic 564,5 thousand people died, nearly 7 million have been cured.