Scientists have found unique person who urinates alcohol

she started to prove to the doctors that she does not drink alcohol, even though the tests said otherwise. Doctors performed a more detailed study and found the true cause of what is happening.

In the urine but not in blood, was discovered ethanol. This is not typical for a person who took alcohol. Also in the urine attended by a large number of natural glucose and the yeast Candida glabrata. It drew scientists to solving the mystery.

it turned Out that the natural yeasts cause fermentation in the digestive system, similar to that previously found in the gut, but for the first time in the bladder. Scientists believe that the situation is exacerbated by the fact that the patient is suffering from diabetes, and the process brozhzheniya increases. “We are faced with a unique situation, when the yeast, producing ethyl alcohol, settled in the bladder of the patient and led to the development of alcoholic liver cirrhosis”, – stated in the material.

Scientists raised the documentation, and found that the same case with the bladder were diagnosed only posthumously. The disease called the syndrome of automatic brewing.

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