the Study lasted three years.

Biologists from Princeton University have conducted a number of studies, which found that bird family, a Hummingbird can recognize colors invisible to the human eye.

Their theory, scientists decided to test on tri-colored selasphorus living in Colorado. They are in the retina of the eye there are four types of cone cells (in humans there are only three). It is believed that an additional mechanism responsible for the perception nespecially colors such as purple, UV red, UV green and others.

to test this theory, biologists for three years conducted experiments. They found the drinkers with normal water and sweet (I love hummingbirds) and gave them a special UV emitters, which painted the troughs with different water a different color. The birds were given to memorize the colors on the drinkers, and then replaced them.

Data showed that birds accurately determined, in which the drinking bowl is sweet water, guided only by ultraviolet light, invisible to the human eye, says Science Alert.

Catherine Gura

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