most Importantly, do not where to store and how much.

There is a widespread belief that tomatoes do not want to store in the fridge, as they lose flavor and aroma.

Scientists from göttingen University in Germany decided to test experimentally whether this statement corresponds to the truth. They gathered a group of experienced tasters and asked them to evaluate several varieties of tomatoes.

half of the tomatoes were stored 4 days in refrigerator at a temperature of 7 degrees Celsius. And the other half the same time at room temperature. The panelists evaluated the color, sweetness, acidity, aftertaste and juiciness of the vegetables.

Contrary to the expected, the tasters did not notice any difference between the tomatoes from the fridge and tomatoes stored in an ordinary bowl.

In addition to the experiment, the scientists conducted laboratory tests to measure the level of volatile matter, carotenoids and sugar concentration. The tests showed that the taste of the tomatoes affects only the duration of storage of ripe fruits. Than it is shorter, the tomatoes are tasty and fragrant.

the Study was published in Frontiers in Plant Science.

Anna Lysenko

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