blood type can play a key role in how severe the disease is caused by a coronavirus. To such conclusion scientists who conducted independent research in medical institutions of China, Columbia University in the United States and Mazandaransky medical University of Iran. The results were published on the websites of medRxiv preprints and bioRxiv, and also cited in the publication of the prestigious medical journal The New England Journal of Medicine.

According to the findings of researchers, the greatest risk of severe disease due to coronavirus are the carriers of blood group A (II), while the lowest risk of severe disease in carriers of the group O (I). For the other blood groups, that is, In (III) and AB (IV) the risk of serious illness less than A but more than for O.

“the Influence of blood groups is not explained by the risk factors that we examined (age, gender, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, chronic cardiovascular disease and lung disease)”, say scientists from Columbia University. In other words, it remains unclear what the effect on the severity of coronavirus have chronic diseases.

as for reasons why patients with different blood groups respond differently to the disease, researchers have yet no explanation for this.

Also, scientists stress that these results are preliminary and require further study and confirmation.