In the days of the quarantine, while the museums of the world were not working, you can make a virtual tour of their exhibits. The fossil collection and dinosaur parks of the imagination. We sometimes can not really use what lies literally under our feet, while, as in China make good on this. Our scientists do not have the funds for the excavations and unique collections requires modern frame. Only then the visitors will travel hundreds of miles to see it all.

With the head of the laboratory of paleontology, Institute of Geology and nature management far Eastern branch Russian Academy of Sciences Yury Bolotsky we met 15 years ago. Even before the quarantine was again able to visit this priceless in its collection place and visit the cemetery of dinosaurs, located near the center of Blagoveshchensk. And if the hill at the five-story building frequented after the rain the students, when the surface was washed in the bones and teeth of dinosaurs, but now this territory has been fenced off.

In 2003, together with their dinosaurs Yuri Leonidovich was located on the stage. Sounds strange, but that is where he took a room, separated by a wall from the auditorium. Bolotsky joked: “We – employees” on stage. Paleontological Museum, or the dinosaur Museum as it is commonly called, established on 1 November 1997, and its first Director was Yuri Bolotsky. It contains the largest collection of dinosaurs. In 1999, paleontologists found the first duck-billed dinosaur with a solid skeleton, and in 2001 as a whole it’s dug up, counted 12 cervical vertebrae instead of 18 and was called the Swan–the olorotitan. Large herds of herbivorous duckbilled dinosaurs lived in the South-East of the Amur region more than 65 million years ago. In the dinosaur localities of the Amur per square meter clearing accounts for more than 30 fossil bones of giants. In the Annunciation, the Museum presents only a small part. The main treasures are stored in the Institute of Geology and nature management.

– ever since I visited you, at least you left the stage. You now have in the Museum.

– I’ve been an employee of the scenes in the former economic Council with a huge ballroom, the scene of which occupied. It was the size of the room in which we now find ourselves in. Had shop Windows on the cheap to acquire. The skeletons I have as logs lie.

I guess?

– You passed – seen. They plaster dolls. Them nothing done.

Bolotsky shows small sculptures of dinosaurs made by mechanic-plumber from Rostov-on-don, the bone in plaster “shirts”. “Here is the brain, and that – ass females. They have mating took place, it is hard to imagine. On the bones of the recorded fractures, and the��s tumor. The weight of certain parts more than 3 tons. Crane raised. The breed was taken not to damage,” says during the tour Yuri Leonidovich.

“We examined the brains of dinosaurs and saw a lot of interesting things”

Modestly you live. Don’t you need special conditions? Where are the most powerful paleontological centers?

– Why do I need conditions? Work here and on the field. And the most powerful centers in Beijing and Ulan Bator. Work there are mainly those who we have studied. One doctoral thesis we have defended, can speak Russian better than we do. I’m fifty years old dreamed of visiting Mongolia, and recently it happened. Thanks to the efforts of our scientists, there is geological and paleontological terms – the studied territory. In Canada there is a Museum of dinosaurs in Alberta and Ontario. There is a private Museum in Switzerland, the owner of which jewelry traded, and now he is digging. In Thailand paleontology oversees a Princess. In her Museum has its own Desk. A good team gathered at the University of St. Petersburg. In China, every major city in the Liaodong Peninsula is the dinosaur Museum. There is top-notch. Closer to the border with the Jewish Autonomous oblast, a village Sagirova, they have a Museum at the same location as ours. At the beginning of the last century there was dug by Russian scientists Ryabinin, Manakin, Stepanov. Now the entire district is fed with the dinosaurs. In the city Tszyaina – village by Chinese standards – there is a geological Park where 300 of the Park’s sculptures. Chinese reconstruction, of course, peculiar, but they’re everywhere. Main street bears the name of a Duckbill Dinosaur. Our Chinese colleagues and cooperate, we will arrange to from the ashes to revive manijotadhara.

– Remember, you have a big problem due to the fact that the Belgian colleagues have provided you with glue for the dinosaurs, which could not afford. Then came the Moscow check.

– the us is constantly accompanied by Scandals. The fight against bureaucracy continues. I have to make out every bone of the dinosaur as a Stradivarius. Had offers from Japan and China to participate in exhibitions, but I had to refuse, because later six months, lose the paperwork on this skeleton. It is clear that when the skeleton in the exhibition, it is already the subject of culture. In connection with the global hype surrounding dinosaurs their commercial value is high. Yes, and what I show! Old, sick, girls don’t like.

But excavations continue to drive?

– in order to obtain new material needs a lot of money, but they are not. Slowly processed what is. Bones search is not necessary. They rod.

how much can a cannot connect?

– What’s the business! Frostovy and mammoth as a Chimera, which is now hard to believe. During the First world war, the geological Committee was sent to the far East expedition to mosasaurs across the Russian Empire to transport. In 1915-1916-om dug on the Chinese Bank the first dinosaur. There was a war, but there were staff and money. When they built the Federal highway on which our President is in a Lada Kalina went, the equipment was heavy. I agreed with the workers, and they carefully opened 500 square meters. There we found tens of thousands of bones. Over them remained 15-20-cm layer of waste rock. Almost ten years he is waiting to be explored. There is already a growing forest, because these rocks are enriched in phosphates.

How much money is necessary? Where to watch the state, why isn’t it working?

to pull, you need two million rubles for the season. Government policy is to unite, to divide, to disperse parasites scientists.

– So fashion on the dinosaurs went.

– This one? We have only three boys. Here they lead classes in our Museum. And when they enter into puberty, they have no dinosaurs are not needed. The Museum keeps on enthusiasm. Around the cemetery the fence was set. I would be there three times more the area was fenced because it is only part of the location.

the Very phrase “cemetery of dinosaurs” for the uninitiated, surprising.

Is not the right definition. Dinosaurs also were not buried. When we are out Kudura they were taken, then placed in a plaster “jacket” to fragments of skeletons are not shifted. Is a wooden crate topped with plaster, stitched boards, then pokupaetsya, turned over, so that nothing is spilled. Excess rock is removed, again the gypsum is poured, again with boards sutured. It turns out the coffin.

“all my life in the Dorm lived. I have no housing Fund, in order to attract young”

what you business addicted?

– by Accident. But when so many coincidences, you begin to think about Providence. I come from Zheleznogorsk, standing on a huge pit. This Is The Kursk Magnetic Anomaly. It mined iron ore Precambrian period. She was a few billion years. There are deposits of the Jurassic period. Recently, the ichthyosaur pulled. I helped him to dissect. The carrion that was mined from the quarry, lying in the fields, where we drove on the potatoes. We have these blocks with sticks overturned. Remove the reservoir and underneath, raw mother of pearl Ammonite plays the colors of the rainbow. Then some kind of spark in the head and flew. On a hole I grew up. I still have an essay written in 5th grade on the topic “my future profession”. I heard that the Director of paleontological Institute named Yuri Orlov. The biography did not know him, so wrote everything attributed to him all that I know open.

– And this determined the choice of profession?

– After I ” C ” in math set at MSU, I went to Kaliningrad to enter the aquatic science and aquaculture. But was passing in Yaroslavl, where my aunt lived. She was absent, and uncle was a fan of drinking. Came favorite nephew, as there hold. According to the Russian tradition were not company, and we climbed over the fence neighbor. He was a student at the local teacher’s College, convinced me to go to Yaroslavl, where among the teachers, three of the paleontologist. One of them is a world star Anatoly Nikolaevich Ivanov – studied cephalopods. And I got in. Under the Rybinsk from the cliff of the Volga fell out of the skull that lived 250 million years ago Triassic frogs, I dedicated my diploma.

– Navernoe, and now there are those who are interested in paleontology since childhood?

– in addition to the son, who has many other interests, no one. A paleontologist must have a lead butt because there is a collapse of information. I took the students who wrote term papers and dissertations, but a year later had to say goodbye to them. They are lazy and incurious. Everyone needs a good salary, apartment. Where can I get it? It’s all life in the Dorm lived. I have no housing Fund, in order to attract young.

As you in Blagoveshchensk have appeared?

– by accident. About dinosaurs in the Amur region to know that even though Anatoly Christmas shut down this topic. Our Museum bears the name of the local historian Novikov-Daursky. Him Christmas and received information about our location. But his expedition was more looking towards Mongolia, where there were whole skeletons and tug paid. There cooks in the field units are the daughters of the academicians were held. Arriving here in late summer – early September 1951 in the period of the monsoon, the Christmas wrote that the rain was a tropical type of three days. Now we will go on location and you will see what there is clay in which are bones. On each leg will be 10 kg of mud. This I have now all closed army tent, protecting from rainfall, and then nothing. If it is raining, all is eroded and crumbles. They are monoliths took and published the article: nothing good here, the bones of vertebrate fossils of the Mesozoic lay in the roof of the crystalline rocks. Regional geologists supported the view of Christmas that the bones in modern sediments and chalk at us as a rock that needs to be dismantled. But things are not quite right. Rocks of this age in the Amur region is quite durable. They lie in the clay completely modern appearance. With a knife, this clay is normally disassembledI. I flooded the first vertebrae, limbs, cranial things good preservation. A steel needle can dissect even the internal cranial cavity and see how beautifully preserved all the exits of the cranial nerves, and blood vessels. We explored with Sergey Savelyev brains of dinosaurs, and a lot of interesting things to see.

– What discoveries were made?

– it is Unclear why the herbivorous creature hypertrophied olfactory organ. It’s not a predator, chasing the prey. The study of the brain of a Tyrannosaurus Rex showed that they were indeed sniffs. They were deaf and purblind, we had problems with the optic nerves. Something similar can be observed in marine pelagic sharks, which are over 30 km can smell a drop of blood.

your Interest over the years, not diminished. Not tired of dinosaurs?

– Tired as a dog. Sick, my knees do not apply. For 30 years they stood. We recently worked in Chita. There, according to the paleontological journal Science, made one of the ten most important world discoveries – found feathered remains of a herbivorous dinosaur of the Jurassic period. Perhaps, originally, all dinosaurs were feathered. In Transbaikalia works Sofia M. Sinitsa. She is 80, and she’s nimble as a mountain goat on the elephant rides. I can’t keep up with. She does not eat meat, a vegetarian.

As her dinosaurs?

– Perhaps hadrosaurs scraped the crustaceans from the water column, otherwise, how could so quickly rise for the year. They grew faster than the broilers. This requires rich in phosphates and protein food. Briskly on the grass will not grow. The hadrosaur in three years with up to 10 – meter length.