It is the Horror for the rapper Schwesta Ewa (35): The German for 2.5 years in jail and separated from her daughter (eight months). Because in prison missing prison in Willich, Düsseldorf, the infrastructure for children. For a different prison in which you would be able to take your Swiss, not Schwesta Ewa is out of the question. For this, it is said to be “manipulable and prone to violence,” explains prison spokesman.

According to the German newspaper “Bild” there is now but a glimmer of light for the rapper. “I get detention postponement,” she told the tabloid. This was from the office of the public Prosecutor granted. The Problem: “We just don’t know how long this reprieve will be granted.”

a number of criminal offences committed

Schwesta Ewa was sentenced to 2017 due to tax evasion, 35-fold assault, and the sexual seduction of minors. The court said a prison sentence of 2.5 years. Six months of which she was already in custody. (bnr)