It is a classic in a Federal year: The festival on the Schwägalp all of the favorites will not occur. The Bernese are not able to, they wear on Sunday your Cantonal. And two weeks before the Federal intra-Swiss king of the contenders want to take the risk, nothing more. And missing on the Schwägalp. Of the “coward tactics” speaks of the three times the king Jörg Abderhalden in the “Berner Zeitung”.

Opposite VIEW, he adds: “Now could come in and show that he is stronger than the other. This can also be a trump card, a demonstration of power so shortly before the Federal. If you’ve got two weeks before fear, then you can’t do it at the Federal.”

Sempach has> understanding for Reichmuths cancellation

The Bernese king Matthias Sempach understand Reichmuths Considerations, however, is very good. “Each of us must know,” he says to VIEW. “For my part, I think it is reasonable, in a Federal year, two weeks before the highlight of the season, not as a guest at a mountain festival to compete.”

He has nothing to prove

Especially since Reichmuth have used this season with all the Top-favorites already: with Joel Wicki on the Brünig pass and Lucerne Cantonal, with Samuel Giger (21) twice in the Gibel-Schwinget in the spring, with Armon Orlik (24) at the intra-Swiss.

Maybe Sempach is also thinking of Giger, who took office two years ago with a troubled shoulder at the Schwägalp and then as a co-favorite prompt for the Unspunnen was. Something that can’t happen Reichmuth, must prove to his Brünig-victory, nothing more, now.


Armon Orlik – Mike waste stone
Samuel Giger Reto Nötzli
Daniel Bösch – Marcel Mathis
Michael Bless – Michael Gwerder
Lario Kramer – Dominik Oertig

Bernese Cantonal in Münsingen

Matthias Glarner – Tobias Krähenbühl
Christian Stucki, Matthias Herger
Bernhard Kämpf – Vincent Roch
Simon Anderegg – Pirmin Gmür
Matthias Aeschbacher – Mickael Matthey
Remo Käser – Jonas Lengacher

23. to 25. August dominate giants, sawdust, and put on their drill trousers, Switzerland – the Swiss Federal wrestling and Alpine sport festival in train. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Mega-Event.