were lifted As 1970, the Swiss Indoors from the baptism, there was still nothing to indicate that it was once the biggest Sports event in Switzerland would be. “The tournament was not taken note of,” recalls the Basel Ernst Schori, who made it in the tournament-Premiere up in the Final.

was Played on Sand in a temporary air-supported hall. prize-money, there was none. “25 years later, Roger brennwald has given to my opponent in the final, Klaus Berger, and me a clock” says the 82-year-old Schori.

So he could compete in his home tournament, had to Schori overcome many a hurdle. “Tennis was something for the Studied,” he says. the “As one of seven children from a working-class family could not afford the Sport.” , First as a Ballbub, later, as a player, Schori made in Riehen BS but the first steps on the tennis court. Because he had obvious Talent, took over the club President of the year contribution.

late at the Swiss Indoors

Via the then industry leader BLTC (Basler Lawn Tennis Club) Schori led the way up to the Davis Cup Team. And this Davis Cup, it would have been in the week before the first Swiss Indoors almost fatal: “My Match in Greece lasted almost six hours. I arrived a day late in Switzerland.”

Back in Basel Schori called Roger Brennwald, who served even then as a tournament Boss. “He told me, I had to take due to my delay on two consecutive days, two Times.” No Problem for Schori, who was accustomed to such a mammoth program as a plasterers apprentice. He stormed to the Final, lost that, but 3:6 and 1:6 against the German Klaus Berger.

“This had nothing to do with lack of Fitness. He was just better.” After that Final he had learned the most important lesson of his tennis career, says Schori: “As a winner you’re always the Largest. the be a good loser, is at least as important.”

“all of a Sudden stood a Borg in the hall”

From there, went to Ernst Schori and the Swiss Indoors fulfilled their own ways: Schori with the founding of his own business, a boy’s dream. Also the Swiss Indoors on rose. the “were Suddenly Stars such as Björn Borg in the hall,” Schori says. “Because people like I used 150 percent in the company had no more room.” Because at the same time of the tournament-the Boss burning forest began weibeln on the international Tennis stage, were also high prize money into the game. the “It’s actually mind-boggling what has been done by burning the forest. Basel can be glad to have someone like him,” says Schori.

His painting business, now led by his son, invites are still business partners at the Swiss Indoors. Schori itself is missing on the 50. Sweep. the He enjoys with his wife Berty (80), the holiday on Mallorca. The tennis racket, he has traded long on the Golf course.