“no, I don’t feel very good,” reports Alima (Name changed) from my class 5. Au weia. If a student says something to me, I’m noisy. And in the time of Corona only.

the school is now since 13. closed. I can ask my students all day in a video conference, how are you, I consider as a huge relief. And as a privilege.

Eventually log in to the Wi-Fi.

As the building work comprehensive school in NRW, we have made two years ago on the way to become a digital school, and comes to us now. Each of the students in my class has a Tablet.

Still, the focus was witnesses in the first week of Home schooling is strong on the technical work: every wireless home? (Thank God, Yes.) He gets logged in to the Tablet there? (Not immediately, but at some point, then.) On which channel we are in? (The Microsoft Team.)

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to start the day, I meet my class every Morning at 9 o’clock in a half-hour video conference. We discuss which tasks, today and how the feedback from the specialist teachers on the completion of their project tasks.

The children must care for their siblings

And, of course, I question how the children in Isolation. In my own student body, there is not only children who can just enjoy a lot of leisure but also the need to take care of intensively with their siblings because their parents work more. The help in the household. How much time for mathematics remains a twelve-year-old, when two little siblings want to be busy all day?

So exhausting home office with small children for me – for one or the other from my class, it is much more difficult.

Chaos and frustration by Overwork

It is clear that Digital learning is not a substitute for proper lessons – but he reduces the case height, something. At least as important as content and education, and to each other, the Social.

it runs as a digital school is still relatively good. At other schools, many colleagues had to find their own Ways to provide their students with Material. /Shuang Liu/FOCUS Online thinks More of teacher of Jan-Martin Klinge

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In an Effort to do the Right thing, was too much Chaos and the first frustration by Overwork Alone, my daughter had to download dozens of different Apps, creating Accounts, and is overwhelmed with tasks for every teacher on a different App.

In this second week you will notice a change: In the case of teachers such as students with some Routine has returned, and it is enhanced thinking about which tasks are appropriate.

I have conducted a survey among my students

made to see how it goes in my class with this new way of learning, I conducted an anonymous survey – how are the children, what they are worried about and whether you feel supported by the school.

for Two years, we have set as a whole school, a lot of energy and time in digital Work (refer to the FOCUS Online article here and here), the management is completely digitized and are gone with their colleagues and students to take courageous steps. I think you’ll see the result here:

blade, blade, My students feel that the school supports, they feel the communication channels as quickly and easily, and the scope of the tasks as appropriate.

What with Alima

Overall, it’s good for you, even if Alima this Morning makes any special contrition of the face. is going on

“I’m not good at all, Mr. blade,” she says, “as I have today makes Tomorrow my Tablet, I have bumped my knee on the table and that hurts right now!”

Oh. My children are missing. The small and large Concerns and needs, just only rarely by lightning, and in a video conference with 29 students, no course is: How is it invariably starts Guinea pigs? And Marie still Worried about your grandma?

Hopefully this nightmare is over soon.

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