School in Australia was forced to apologize to Muslims

The education Department of South Australia forced the government of the public schools in Adelaide to apologize to the family of refugees-Muslims, reports the Daily Mail Australia.

The Ombudsman Wayne lines made such a decision after I understand the scandal that erupted between the family of students of the school of English and school officials.

A man named Mahmoud Amirat every Friday took away his sons with lessons on prayer. From school sent him a letter in which warned those that may miss important classes.

There it was noted that one of the boys turned 18, and the school campus only works with minor students, so they should translate to campus for adults. In addition, the administration pointed to problems with the behavior of one of his sons.

Since the letter was written in English and Amirat not too confident to speak the language of the country in which he lives, he decided that his sons want to get kicked out of school because of religious practices. He and his family had been “personally insulted” by this approach, one of the brothers said that they were both so scared that they were shaking knees, and discouraged by the fact that no one wants to help them.

The Ombudsman came to the conclusion that the school is not sufficiently serious about cultural characteristics of immigrants and do not put much effort to explain to Amirato the situation.

In Australia there are over 500 thousand Muslims. In recent years, in the Parliament there is a debate about a possible ban on religious clothing of Muslim women, covering the face and body.