The abuse allegations against the children and youth clinic, Gelsenkirchen does not have hardened, apparently, The Prosecutor’s office to eat will not press charges. It refers to Section 170, paragraph 2, of the code of criminal procedure, which requires “sufficient cause” for an indictment. The proceeds from a letter of the Prosecutor’s office to the hospital, the TIME is ONLINE.

occasion of the controversy to the clinic the two-hour documentary film school for parents. He shows therapy treatments to children who suffer from eating and sleep disorders. A doctor had filed a complaint. The children’s doctor Herbert Renz-Polster said, in the establishment of children will imposed by force a certain behavior, they would be forced, for example, to eat. The complaint against the clinic called Renz-Polster, therefore, as a “brave and correct”. After the broadcast of the film, the Prosecutor’s office began ordered an investigation into suspected abuse of protect.

“produces The display without any substance and totally unjustified,” said Werner Neugebauer, Executive Director of the clinic, according to the decision of the Prosecutor’s office. “Our clinic is completely free of violence, and on the Basis of recognized scientific guidelines.” The Show would have scandalised their therapeutic work. Neugebauer threw the critics, bashers and “not to be a substantive discussion”, but to make a name for themselves. In the past few weeks, the clinic and the Team of the psychosomatic medicine would know “the support and encouragement of those who came in the public debate hardly a word in the families that got in Gelsenkirchen help in a crisis situation”.

school for parents was released in October and shows the treatment methods in the Department of pediatric psychosomatics, child and youth clinic in Gelsenkirchen. Annually about 150 children and their parents are treated. After the broadcast, the shown methods of therapy have been controversial.

contains the view of the German child protection Federation (THIS) school for parents the numerous scenes in which children’s psychological and physical violence. “In the Film shown in the methods of treatment can not be a model for the education of children in Germany”, said the THIS-Vice-President Sabine Andresen. The practices led to insecurity of parents in dealing with their children. Child protection Association President Heinz Hilgers said: “the behaviour of parents towards their children so as the hospital staff in the movie, then this is unlawful.” 22,000 people signed a online petition, which claimed to show the Film anywhere, and to check the clinic Department. The clinic had rejected the accusations are always baseless.