After a nerve-racking action flying a charter flight with stranded højskoleelever Wednesday home from Tanzania.

A charter airliner. An open telephone to the Ministry of foreign affairs in Denmark. A pressed schedule. And a good portion is in the stomach.

The Danish folk high school Zanzibar Højskolen, which have a base in Zanzibar, off Africa’s east coast, has the most recent time worked around the clock to get his students home to Denmark.

the school has had to take unusual methods in use, tells the president of the school’s board of directors, Lars Bo Kirk.

– It has been a huge coordination work, he said via a telephone from the international airport on Zanzibar.

the School has chosen to charter a plane, as it turned out not to be possible to get the Danish students home with regular scheduled flights from east Africa.

the Plane arrived at Zanzibar on Tuesday evening and fly against Denmark on Wednesday.

– We enquired with several airlines. With the Great Dane got a captain convinced the rest of the company to allow us to charter an aircraft – even though the company had already ceased its operation.

– Ongoing we have been in close contact with the Ministry of foreign affairs.

Zanzibar is part of Tanzania, which has ordered all schools and boarding schools in the country closed because of the coronaepidemien.

Lars Bo Kirk is even with the plane, which gets the young people home. He recounts a thrilling journey from Denmark to Tanzania.

Only at the last moment – during a 50-minute-long stopover in Egypt – was the school’s aircraft permission to all countries in Zanzibar.

– We had no landing permission, since we took off from Denmark. When we were in Egypt to refuel, we had obtained a permit, which was taken from us again.

– In the absolute last moment we got as a final permit, with considerable help from the Ministry of foreign affairs and from our own people on Zanzibar, says Lars Bo Kirk.

the Students have been in Zanzibar since the beginning of February and is supposed to have stayed on the island until June.

But the stay has now been discontinued.

– the Students are very bored of it. They have not been able to notice coronakrisen on Zanzibar, but they understand well that they have to get home.

– There is no one who knows what is happening with coronaepidemien, and whether they are going to be able to resume their stay, says Lars Bo Kirk.

the Plane with the students expected to land at Aalborg Airport on Wednesday evening at 20.30.