Schedule children's vaccinations because of COVID-19 until canceled

on the 22nd of March my family is quarantined by the coronavirus after a holiday in Cyprus.

7-day self-isolation.

the Signals from the Motherland about the children have started to arrive on vacation. Almost simultaneously wrote to me from school and from kindergarten with a direct question – not whether we are abroad. I said; how come definitely will go on quarantine and won’t anyone to contact.

Then it became known that our kindergarten class for a week closed for quarantine for SARS. However, it is normal practice. Parents of healthy children can apply for sick leave.

Photo: Victor Vasenin/RG Anna Kuznetsova: quarantine is a test for humanity

Then the educators reported that in accordance with the decree of the President of Russia kindergarten will not work for the next week. Not, it will affect only those children whose parents are employed in medicine and other life-supporting occupations. They organize on-duty groups. Reference from place of work – mandatory. However, we were not going to the garden. Quarantine.

But I was going to call the clinic to learn what can be done when the quarantine is complete. Do I need to take tests to rule out disease? And get help for daycare? In normal times few days of absence need help to return to the group.

But I was preceded by a call: the nurse asked, how are you feeling girls, warning that will ring every day. And once again reminded: if you see any symptoms of SARS – need to call a doctor. I asked how to be with analysis. “Towards the end of the quarantine we’ll call all say,” she said.

I decided to once again clarify in the regional Ministry of health. On the “hotline” said that by the end of two weeks comes the doctor, WHOba to see us and the kids and to close the hospital. If the symptoms, the tests we take, if not, most likely, will not take.

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Already having hung up, I remembered that we did “the button” – the Mantoux test, while the entire group was tested. In help clinic I was told that everything is working normally, vaccinations are on schedule. Will call again towards the end of the quarantine, because the rules of the game are changing before our eyes.

For example, recently it became known that in the restricted mode of operation because of the coronavirus passed Nizhny Novgorod Oncology center. Counseling patients with already diagnosed will be using telemedicine. Those who have cancer is only suspected, plan to take part. Hospitalization not refuse.

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