The season of 2019 for Belinda Bencic, despite US-Open-Out excellent. Thanks to the initial push in a Grand Slam semi-final she climbs the ranks. She will appear on Monday for the first time since June of 2016, years in the Top 10.

Bencic is the 10. Space. And almost more important: she is in the WTA Race to the Best of the year, currently on the 8. Place. She thinks she’s in the Top 8, she would be the WTA Tour Championships (from 27. October) in Singapore.

Bencic in the footsteps of Hingis and Schnyder

you would be the fourth Swiss to make it to the unofficial Tennis world Championships. Previously this was achieved Manuela Maleewa-Fragnière, Martina Hingis and Patty Schnyder.

for the time being, but it is still to earn points. How exactly it should go on the Asia Tour, you must Bencic decide with your Team first. “I need to first secure a break, like after every Grand Slam,” she says.

it is Reported next, in Osaka, Japan (from 16. September), then in Wuhan (China, from 22. September), Beijing (China, from 28. September) and Hong Kong (from 7. October).

Belinda Bencic is ripe next Time, maybe for the first Grand Slam title. In New York she has shown over long distances, so she is now grown up enough, your skills in the important moments and the perfect dosage to obtain. The ripening process was hard work, Belinda went through heaven and hell. But this has made them sanded and shaped, and tough enough for the success in the world of sports Tennis.

The change from girl to woman athletes cope with not always good. Many fail to even definitely that. Belinda responded with injuries and weight gain. She caught herself, but in time, practiced in the healing of their injuries in patience. And fell in love with her Fitness Coach – a clear Win-Win Situation.

your mental change can be seen especially in the relation to the father. A few years ago, Ivan Bencic said to his daughter when it should be on the bed. Belinda has managed to emancipate itself as a full-year-old daughter from dad to appreciate his services as a Trainer. And this in peace, which speaks well for the wisdom and learning of the father Bencic.

Belinda learns great. The last step for the Mature personality makes you, if you can defy your emotional impulses. Your pushes in spite of the head every now and then negative. In Wimbledon, she was more on the immature whims of your temperamental Egos on the pitch than the defeat itself.

Two months later, she is successful – at least over five rounds – what she had made fixed: a calm, focused and controlled to track the target. Only shortly before the US public to invest, is a bit naive. Otherwise, this was a Mature performance, Belinda!

Cécile Klotzbach