The plans for the squad are completed so far, we have a very intensive Phase behind us. This is more of a hustle and bustle prevailed in the preparation than otherwise, because the entire Association is drawing up a new. I work closely with the new leadership. The distances are short, it helps. I have also picked up players at the airport to accommodation and meals taken care of. I’ve made tuna-Trainer.

I did not want to get immediately. It’s exciting missions to save two clubs from relegation. With my three last stations, I took over always in the last place, in the case of GC, Sion, and before that at Schaffhausen. There is a significant difference-a team by yourself, and to make the whole preparation.

The whole club is in a complete fresh start. We have made a cut. If you have a Chance to change, you don’t have to rely on the Tried and trusted. In sports, there are medals, no merit. Some fit also not more into the Budget. We want to work with young players.

He protrudes out of an age, Paulo is a very clever player with great game intelligence. Him and Imran Bunjaku I wanted to keep the two Supports for the boys. In goal I have Goalies, for example, three Born in 2000. Amir Saipi is also a separate Junior.

It is list on our Quota. Therefore, I assume that he is eligible to play. We have hedged and us informed.

(laughs) I haven’t tested yet. I’m glad he has signed. He was a huge Talent (Inter-Junior, d. Red.), then his career faltered. Such players are extremely exciting, if you can give them a second Chance. He, Gaetan Missi and Godberg Cooper are still not qualified, hopefully this will work until Saturday.

I see the GC in front of Lausanne. With the new players GC is the clear favorite. But the Challenge League works differently than the Super League, Aarau has after six down to the front and fought. Therefore, we have to wait and see how it goes. Also in us.

I’m curious to see how YB with the many changes coming along. There are many local, young players such as Spielmann, Zesiger, and Sierro got to it. I think it’s very positive. But I don’t think Basel will accept a third YB-title in a row. This is a duel on eye-level.

The Super League starts again! On the season, 2019/20, there’s some weighty and spicy with Changes in the League. How the new rules work, what are the Disposals and entries there were and when and what clubs there play in the big Super League Overview!