It remains to be afraid to wait for a Sporting Lokeren. The foreign potential investor has decided today to enter into negotiations with the Eastern part of Flanders, the club finally putting a stop to. The club will now consider next steps. On Monday the 20th of april, however, it is important, then it will be the ondernemingsrechtbank of new jersey is, after all, speak of a possible bankruptcy.

It was going to be a foreign investor who has the club fully in your hands and wanted to get it.

“The president and the board members of Sporting Lokeren inform the investors that in the past week, extensive negotiations last night, suddenly failed, and no further interest in anything”, says the Waaslanders. “The club is considering now is about the next steps.”

Supporterscollectief continue to hope for a good outcome:

The supporterscollectief, however, continue to work for the salvation of the club, and continues to hope for a favourable outcome of the case. “We have been ordered by Louis de Vries, a deal that he is on track to meet the turn was a nothing out of. Again, please notify The Hérie, the president of the Supporterscollectief white-and-black-and-yellow. “Whether we have been led to believe? As long as we don’t know who Louis de Vries, negotiations are carried out, and that’s hard. However, we are bridge-builders, and the like, the bridge, Louis de Vries, be sure not to blow up. It is within us, collectively, a huge willingness to be all things to a good end with thee.”

“from the city council to get support and be there for the youth groups of the Sporting Lokeren. Also, the group of Willy Carpentier still playing with it, but I have heard they are reluctant to the debt that Louis de Vries has been accumulated. We have with us supporterscollectief a huge level of social capital. We want to be Sporting Lokeren remain as a family opleidingsclub, and we are reaching out to everyone in the hand to help us.”
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