Scherwey you do not have survived the second squad section of the Ottawa Senators, are now back in Bern.
Tristan Scherwey : It would be an exaggeration to say that the decision would have surprised me. There are over 50 players. And according to the size of the competition. However, I felt that I was present and those in power could I expect from myself. Therefore, I was for a Moment, disappointed and angry. But I had a good conversation with the Head Coach.

they were on a Road trip to Vancouver and wanted to take me, because you initially clearly was informed that I will be riding the Camp and then to Bern return. The Coach spoke of a stupid Situation with my contract. Otherwise I would still be there. It was nice to hear.

There is no free contracts. Of course, this contract will fulfill. I have to get things on the way, the are based. The Coach told me to stay tuned. He may be my type of player. The Situation would have been different, he would have guaranteed me not a whole season. But then I would have some NHL games in the best riding.

I know, there is this clause. Whether it ever gets this far: Who knows? The talks sound good. I was told they would trace my services. But in the end these are just words. Furthermore, everything is still far. My focus is now back to 120 percent of the SCB. To me is not important, it is about me. The Team is well tuned. I want to find as quickly as possible the Occurs, the team will help me continue to improve.

It is a different world. Everyone looks first for the. You realize that you’re here to take somebody’s place. There are many that let you feel. As it is, if the Team is at times, I do not know. In Bern there is also a competition. We push ourselves to make each other better. But it is more like a family.

Not great. I didn’t want to also. I would have stayed longer in North America, I would have made sure from time to time. It was challenging. I didn’t know anyone, ended up in a world in which nothing is paid. This gave me an extra boost of energy. I am very grateful, I was allowed to ride, this Camp is the best. And I am very happy that I was able to bring my performance and positive Feedback have received.

I admit it to be honest: it was a nice feeling. I was pleased extremely. Because I do not gave me the satisfied. I wanted to push myself, I trained hard. The Coach said I had deposited my card.