Actually, you have a vacation in Bern until the end of may. Of the sun, the beach and the sea, head coach Kari Jalonen wants to know however nothing. The fin supports in Slovakia, of all places, Nemesis Germany, is as a consultant Toni Söderholm – Jalonens country man coaches the DEB Team for the first time at a world championship in Kosice. This ensures that in the case of Swiss Ice Hockey for the surprise, not least to the direct qualification for the Olympic games in 2022.

“Basically, the SC can make of Bern with his employees what he wants. Specifically, however, is that we are not allowed to draw on the Expertise of our Swiss club, and our toughest competitors. Perhaps it is time that we revise this rule in the summer, in the sense of the Swiss ice hockey,” says national Director of Raeto Raffainer.

“couldn’t get request”

That Jalonens is commitment to the subject, amazed, in turn, the Bernese leaders. “We have never said that you should not rely on our Know-how,” says head of sports, Alex Chatelain. “We received no request of Swiss Ice Hockey. In addition, I am also not sure if it would be everywhere well received, we would have our Know-how is shared. There is in our League is also a certain Blinkered.”

in December, SCB would have to strategist Lars Leuenberger the Natistaff at the Lucerne Cup increase. The Engagement failed, however, to the resistance of the clubs. The fear, Leuenberger would be to recruit players, was too big.

“pure friendship”

the Chatelain makes it clear: “We have not been asked by the German ice hockey Federation. It is a pure friendship between Kari and Toni. Toni has asked him for help.” Jalonen, who led the Finns in 2016, the world Cup Final, not conceding for his commitment, not money, is to the gang. He keeps track of the games from the stands, then gives his impressions.

To his task to the Finn: “first of all, you will always learn something and benefit from it, if you make something New. Secondly, I have the opportunity, at close quarters, the direction in which ice hockey developed at the world championship and how different the Teams play.”

“Switzerland is interested in Kari very much,”

Jalonens Agent Juho Sintonen not understand whether the discussion of the world reports from the holidays in VIEW. “A Sand Box Whining! I have answered in 18 years, yet every call. The Swiss Association has been reported, neither with me nor with Kari still in the SCB. A request from Switzerland would come, would Kari have been very interested,” says Sintonen. “Kari wants to develop further. This also helps the SCB. Alex Chatelain has responded very professionally.”