Television never ceases to amaze. Especially on holidays, when you can forget about modesty and throw a big concert. Over the past week there were a few: in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory and about is scheduled for June 27 of the universal prom. Have been on a spree a success, although some episodes celebrations there have been issues in the spirit: “What is going on?

In terms of quarantine, the main peculiarity of the concerts of truly epic proportions is in the minimum amount of public, and sometimes the complete lack thereof. All this sometimes resembles a séance in which the stars are struggling to summon the spirit of the viewer, but it is not. If the reaction of the small audience still gets on the screen, it is completely out of proportion to what is happening on stage — as if a large Symphony orchestra, accompanied by the circus and ballet speaks to the handful of astonished passers-by.

the highlight of the show “Scarlet Sails” and is associated with the last days of Pompeii. Everything sparkles and rattles, but this pyrotechnic and staging frenzy like in the abandoned city. The occasion, in a way, doesn’t look very festive, which reinforces doubts about the feasibility to hold it in spite of all coronaviruses.

However, such doubts should be rejected. A big concert is a big budget, so the earnings for those in the cubes collects a luxurious body tent. And, by the way, your money some Directors work. So the show on the Mamaev Kurgan was designed in a rather strict and solemn tone, which is rare for the anniversary celebrations, which, as a rule, look to the usual pop fair, styled to celebrate the date.

Parallel to the concert in Volgograd in the air another Federal channels showed the five-year-old show on red square in honor of the 70th anniversary of the victory. It is noteworthy that even five years later, one of the rooms of this concert never ceases to amaze with his production prowess. Dozens of extras with the blue flags that mimicked the surface of the sea. Awesome view of the layout of a warship, and Grigory Leps, as the terrible captain of this vessel. Loud guitar-rock cover of the song Vysotsky “save our souls”.

It was like the appearance of the villain in “pinkfloydish” “the Wall”. Famously and juicy, but the format of the sovereign of the concert looks like a scandalous performance among the virtuous classics. Evil works its terrible deeds and bows nobody punished. And if we find in the stage some infernal inside out, then show it on the red square in the air. So we didn’t stop to wonder.