The case is interesting and for the accused Renault Team explosive: Be explained to the French by the FIA guilty, they face a big loss of image. Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul is ready to fight: “We will defend ourselves with all means against the accusations!”

Renault was black at the FIA with a long-prepared a 12-page Dossier of Racing Point-Mercedes. The Team was a former employee of Renault the tip?

FIA has seized the steering wheels

in Short: It’s an illegal braking system. So in a forbidden way, built-in automatic brake balance adjustment. The FIA has seized in Japan, various parts, including the steering wheels, to Europe taken.

The System is dependent on the slopes, Position of regulating the Balance. Normally, the driver must adjust the braking force depending on the curve type and tire wear by hand on the steering Wheel in the direction of the front or rear axle.

time of the decision?

What happens now? The FIA has approved the Protest officially. The parts will now be examined. A possible decision can, in some circumstances, already this week.

Then Renault threatens at least to the subsequent disqualification of the Suzuka race. The FIA should come to the conclusion that the French have already cheated the whole season, is likely to Renault, in addition to the Pay a high monetary penalty world Cup all-points 2019 (previously 77) to lose, in the worst case, the world Cup-to the exclusion threatens even.

in 1984 it caught Tyrrell

as in 1984 when the Tyrrell Team was punished due to illegal lead balls in the petrol tank with the disqualification for the entire season.