Sberbank will invest an additional 2 billion rubles to the capital of the Rambler Group. Investments need Rambler on the background of increasing competition in the media, and the Bank seeks to develop the ecosystem, the elements of which occupy 3% of his business, experts explain.Sberbank plans to invest about 2 billion rubles in the Rambler Group, which already owns a share of 46.5% reported side. Part of the investment will focus on “accelerated growth in market share” online cinema Okko to make it the largest OTT platform in Russia to 2021. There are also planned investments “in product and technology component of the projects of” Rambler & Co in the field of online media and sale of electronic tickets for events, according to a press release.At the end of the previous transaction closed in August last year, Sberbank received a 46.5% Rambler Group. Its perimeter came online cinema OKKO, “”,,, “CHempionata”, the service “Rambler.Cash” and a cinema “Art”. Still a 46.5% remained in A&NN Alexander Mamuta and 7% at Era Capital Catherine Lapshin. Now Sberbank will buy from Rambler Group Treasury share in the amount of 6.95%, which was previously acquired by the group at Era Capital. Era Capital came from the shareholders in may, said the press service of the Rambler Group. In addition, Sberbank will acquire a share of 1.5% directly from the company A&NN. In the end, the Bank’s share in equity of the group will increase to 55%.Audience Okko has tripled compared to before the deal with Sberbank, the CEO of the Rambler Group Rafael Abramyan. According to “TMT Consulting”, at the end of 2019, one of the main assets of the Rambler Group is an online cinema Okko — ranked second in the market with a share of 22% (for ivi — 37%). In June Okko adjusted the data on its revenue for 2019 after the comments of the analyst TelecomDaily. The service argued that its annual revenues amounted to RUB 4.1 billion, while analysts count the company only 3.2 billion RUB In the end Okko changed data on revenues — it really amounted to 3.65 billion rubles., said a representative of the service to “Vedomosti”.Now Sberbank buys in a total of 8.45% Rambler 2 billion rubles., which corresponds to the rating of the entire company at 23.7 billion RUB a year ago, according to sources, bought based on the assessment of 23 billion rubles (9-11 billion for 46.5 per cent), says the portfolio Manager of the criminal code “Alfa Capital” Dmitry Mikhailov: “For the year of assessment if and Rambler rose, not very much. It is possible that the increase in the controlling stake was held at the old price”.A week earlier, the savings Bank completed the section of assets with “Yandex”. According to its results Sberbank received RUB 42 billion for a share in “Yandex.Market”, and the total profit of the Bank from it before tax amounted to RUB 20 billion Sberbank Also received a 100% in “Yandex.Money” buying a share “Yandex” in the service (25% plus one share) over 2.4 billion roubles to the savings Bank the assets of the Rambler Group is needed for further development of the EKOS��system: the proportion of its elements is only 3% on the back of the core, the banking business of the credit institution, says a senior personal broker “BCS” Maxim Chekushin. For Rambler Group transaction means the opportunity to get more funding for business growth, which is important against the background of increasing competition in the media market, he added.Dmitry Shestoperov, Valeriy Lebedev