small businesses and individual entrepreneurs in Russia will now be able to accept small payments from customers fast (and safe from the point of view of the spread of infections) way – by using their smartphones and the new service of “Sberbank”.

Services Tap on Phone transforms your Android smartphone with the NFC chip in the mobile terminal receiving the payment. If you use a card with a chip contactless payment, the payment amount is limited to $ 1000. However, it can be more if the customer uses the service of contactless payment with authorization on the smart phone such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, the Bank reported.

now Tap on Phone is under “intensive testing” and is already in demand at the enterprises of fast food, retail shops, floral boutiques, and taxi. To use the service, you need to enter into a contract with the Bank, install the app and follow the instructions on the device screen.

Text: To.Hi-tech