the Swiss high-speed train Giruno of Stadler in the next few months – just in time! – start-up, is known for a Long time. Today SBB: TGV Lyria, a joint venture with the French SNCF, will soon have a new runabout. This is to the passengers on two floors, to Paris. It is not yet clear how the trains look.

“The exterior design, currently in work, in the colors of the French-Swiss brand,” it says in the SBB-Communiqué. In addition, the space will be expanded by 30 percent – who is already a ride in one of the previous TGV-sardine cans will appreciate it. In addition, there will be free Wifi access.

Berne no direct Paris-connection

And also the Deutsche Bahn is not with your ICE 1 from the 90s to the Swiss rail (Terminus stations of Chur and Interlaken), but will continue soon with the brand new ICE 4.

But there is in connection with these cross-border routes, a bitter pill: From Bern from the age of 15. December there are no direct trains to Paris. The Bernese will need to change trains in Basel. “However, the connection of the SBB trains per day travelling from Berne to Basel to six daily Paris, it is ensured that Connections from Basel in both directions,” write the SBB. The journey time taking just 5 minutes.

Dissatisfied can. desire sign in

In the German part of Switzerland, it comes in addition to several regional changes to be improved in North-Western Switzerland, the connections from and to the so-called Läufelfingerli In the middle of the country, the S29 departs from Aarau every hour more in the direction of Olten and on the S23 between Olten and Langenthal, a half hour is introduced. In Central Switzerland, is to be expanded, for example, the S1 Sursee-Luzern-Baar specifically, the improved early connections.

The new schedule will be from 29. May on the website the timetable Who wants to find an error or desire to register, this can begin until the middle of June the responsible Bodies of the cantons, such as the SBB write. (kst)