The plight of the drivers is acute. The staff is working at the Limit. In a Letter to a high level SBB, Manager of the professional Association VSLF, what’s going on everything is wrong in the driver stand portrays. The conversation is in VIEW.

Spicy: drivers is at the end of the day, it is not clear when the service starts on the following day. At the end of the month, the planning for the subsequent month is missing. And on the last working day before the holidays is not defined, when you start to work after the holidays.

There are no individual cases, the professional body portrays. The description is based on the experiences of railway staff. They all complain of the same grievances. The people at the Front are calling for concrete solutions from the carpet days. “What time is to be solved by yourselves the problems caused and internal requirements met?”, it is in the Mail by the professional Association. “Our social environment no longer makes this” according to the lawsuit. “Reminder: In the amusement we are to CEA is not necessarily accessible. In the safety-related, irregular service, the scheduled recovery time for the work in elementary and no mass for the non-functioning processes.”

Up to 100 hours of Overtime in a month

The train driver, the emergency brake pull. You require an Intervention. “In the interest of safety and, therefore, our SBB and our customers.” Just imagine, in the case of events will be known, and that work assignments are planned in the short term. “The damage could be to the maximum.”

How high the load is, show two hours of statements available to VIEW. And some of the oral reports. In the top drivers were well over 200 hours per month in use. Various drivers accumulate 50 to 70 hours of Overtime in a month. In one extreme case, the over time is almost 100 hours. This means in clear text: in just one month, employees have accumulated more than two weeks Overtime-in battery.

Situation in the year 2020 tense

remains”, The SBB will of course comply with all safety requirements,” says a spokesman for this. Violations of the law on working hours would not be tolerated. “Safety is a top priority.” A train driver must feel at any time able to lead the trains safely. “Therefore we have full confidence in the safety awareness of our employees.”

To the lack of supply, would have taken the SBB “organisational measures”. “So we have, instead of just month and day dividers new week, no divider is introduced.” It was not in the interest of the SBB, the employees leave in the dark to how you are the next day have to work. “Also, there is no duty to be in the leisure accessible.”

The SBB to give, that it came out in the past to mistakes in recruitment. In recent years, the planning was “too defensive,” says the speaker, and praised the improvement. “We will continue to improve the material requirements planning”, it says. However, that will not relax the Situation this year. SBB: “The Situation will remain also in 2020 still tense.”