Until Thursday, the temperatures rise to 36 degrees. To create the power of the Swiss railway company. Because it Seemed that the heat can distort.

How drastic the consequences can be experienced by tens of thousands of train customers on the 27. June: track deformations between Bern and Bern Wankdorf and a positioner fault in Hindelbank, BE led to train cancellations and delays.

The passengers had to switch trains in order to nd then on any Bernese regional train station, beaches. The customer information was faulty: Who got a seat in a Bus, had to accept that the Bus just drove up to another regional station.

bending That tracks, comes more frequently before the

such A traffic chaos like that Thursday night might repeat itself soon, because in the next few days, a heat roll again shaft. And the SBB have prepared hardly. You inform me that the “track faults” meet you by the installation of concrete instead of wooden sleepers.

It would reduce a small measure the rail temperature by seven degrees. This may be sufficient to prevent track deformation. This is because these are more common. Although the number of track faults, thanks to concrete can be reduced in the last 15 years – instead of wooden sleepers long, says Juliane Pamme, spokesperson for the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), however, due to previously have never measured temperatures “, the track distortions frequently”.

ÖBB have a Malzug

designed the ÖBB act beyond the Swiss border and lead in Vorarlberg, a first major Test on a five-kilometre route in Bludenz by experts of the ÖBB-infrastructure have in common can be developed with apprentices in the training workshop Feldkirch a vehicle, with the rails white to be coloured, in order to reduce the temperatures in the Rail. “With a converted upper trailer several kilometers of Rail can be painted in just a few hours of “head to toe”,” said Pamme.

And because the ETH study, the heat confirmed the effect of the white color, Swiss regional trains as early as 2018 started, tracks and white paint were successful, as an attempt by the Rhaetian railway (RhB) is shown. The RhB were removed by 2018, a sun-exposed part of the frequently-traveled route through the Prättigau GR white. Although the RhB is careful, because: “If there are no distortions, in retrospect, not prove that it was because of the color.” But, as spokesman Simon Rageth says, the RhB is now in the case of other exposed areas of the six lines on White.

Better than nothing

Also on White the Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe in “Drämmli have set the rails”, and where it came from earlier faults. However, the rails 2018 bent again. “As of today, we assume that the Coloring of the tracks can prevent a white color to a track fault, unfortunately, for a limited time” means about the residents.

And also the Appenzell Railways have selectively painted the rails white to track deformations to counteract. According to Thomas holder, the head of operations, you do not see in Appenzell, of the coloring as a remedy. The experience of the different tracks, however, show that Painting with white color is better than doing nothing.

SBB want only

test of the SBB are not convinced yet. You have to test the coloring now for the first time on a unbefahrenen Track in Solothurn. At the earliest in 2020, the Federal Railways, in addition to the current maintenance of any measures to work.

Linus Looser, head of railway production, explains how the SBB are in the heat of the next days prepared. This, after the high temperatures at the 27. June came already to significant problems on the key East-West connection.

With a Chaos you do not need to count on. We had on the 27. June two large faults between Bern and Olten, which led to the travelers between Bern, Olten and Zurich, had to take big restrictions. Disorders, we cannot exclude, in principle, mutually exclusive, but we do everything to ensure that these are eliminated as quickly as possible, and travelers still come to your destination.

It is, of course, so that the roll material is required at such high temperatures. The susceptibility increases.

In the case of such a track distortions, the Track bends more than 5 centimeters. Then you either need to drive at this point, slow, or disables this Track. We invest a lot of money in maintenance, and therefore, the track distortions are also decreased. We use more and more concrete base instead of the wood. To this end, we also test what it brings, neuralgic with white color paint.

He can assume that his train safely and on time wrong. And that he is also air-conditioned. In such hot days, I advise all of you, what we advise employees to Drink enough and wait in the shade. I am sure that we will have in the coming days, reliable operation. If there is interference, we will do everything that these will be as low as possible. (pt)