This week, I was nearly run over by an electric truck. So quiet is the truck buzzes through Zurich! For negligent pedestrian like me, left when Crossing the street only on your hearing, it can only end in misery. From a political point of view, however, such a truck is of course a Sensation.

the end of the 1990s, the struggle for power raged transport levy, short-HVF-dependent hard. The transport of goods with dirty trucks should be more expensive, the train will be more attractive. The rode holder feared for their existence and increased verbal on the barricades. “A Yes to the HVF would be for our country to be a disaster!”, the senior Director of Bertschi AG complained of the Aargau Dürrenäsch in the VIEW.

The HVF was introduced anyway. And Yes, the rode holder of the past no longer exists today, in fact – the same companies who today call themselves “logistics companies”. Free of ideology, these firms are combining transportation by road, Rail, water. Recently, they even put electric trucks on the market. And for the past ten days, four logistics companies are involved in SBB Cargo – including the Bertschi AG Dürrenäsch.

In a joint communication, the logistics companies have to justify their entry in the train: they wanted to “contribute to a sustainable, climate-friendly make transport logistics”.

The rode holder of once rates, which could come from the party program of the Green formulate. A Triumph of the Swiss transport policy.

In the General focus, however, the Drama is currently the SBB. The group management, led by Andreas Meyer made in the last few years and months, a whole freight train full of errors. The outrage among the Bähnlern is enormous. “Meyer has the SBB on the wall,” wrote to me one who was his life long for the train to operate.

the verdict may seem excessive. Striking, however, is The loud indignation of the railway staff has met with radio silence in the Federal house. From the far left to the far right, no politician has ever spoken publicly in clear text to the SBB.

if you are looking for reasons for this deafening Silence, ends up: when the green become went holders.

For Green, and Left the rail is already the backbone of a sustainable transport policy. After years of intimate hostility but also the road lobby is today to the Rail. Even the political right has made its peace with the SBB. The car has been in the policy today, only friends.

Therefore, the Federal government in Bern shied away as far as possible, to extend the corporate crisis in the SBB of a political crisis. Because you don’t want to make the transport policy as such, in question, took you in buying that the Situation within the SBB escalated.

silence in the traffic is a good thing. Silence in the transport policy, but it can be dangerous. More dangerous than an electric truck.