creatures of habit swallow from Thursday at the journey in the dining car, perhaps empty. Because the SBB to make your offer in the on-Board bistro. Foreign wines fly out. In their place there is only the Swiss wines on the map. The soups are seasonal, other products are increasingly from the Region. “With the adaptation of the product range, we are responding to customer demands,” says an SBB spokesman.

On the menu regionality shows the Risotto with the rice “Loto” from the Ticino to 18.40 francs and the Valais nectar – 2.5 dl of costs 4.80 CHF fruit. Easily the SBB have bolted to the Bircher muesli. This will be supplemented with “current fruits”, which change on a regular basis.

the customer wanted Ovi back

The SBB responsible to try re-positioning the Bistro as a place for romantic Dates. For 47 Swiss francs, there is, in fact, a “Tête-à-Tête for two”. The travelers get a Swiss cheese and meat selection, and 5 dl of Swiss wine.

Finally, the SBB have good news for the nostalgic. The ovaltine returns to the desire, apparently, is a big customer. A Cup will cost 4.80 Swiss francs, the same as the hot chocolate from Cailler.