The SBB roles in crisis mode: The new wobble-double-deckers from Bombardier will not render the promised performance. There is a lack of trains. And there is a lack of drivers for the existing rolling stock. The staff need a massive push Overtime. First Burnout cases are known. Over all the VIEW in the last few weeks has reported again and again.

in Spite of initiated reorganizations, the situation is now escalating at the Federal rail. Frustrated and concerned railway staff have lost confidence in the Management team with CEO Andreas Meyer (58).

Especially after the tragic death of the train attendant and experience of Bruno R.* (†54) at the beginning of August. He was jammed by a defective train door and several kilometers dragged. The SBB started a large-scale investigation.

Now, Monika Ribar (60) turns on. An insight into internal documents of the SBB, available to VIEW shows. Including schedules, hours, invoices and E-Mail conversations are. An E-Mail exchange shows that SBB-President Ribar involved in the review of the events. Accordingly, we have reported in the last week several employees with her. They tell of their everyday frustration. Of months, in which up to two weeks of Overtime have accumulated. Even more serious, but an engineer write Ribar of defective trains and Almost-collisions. An accident is only a matter of time, it is called.

security risk train

The list of defects is long. Fire alarm systems should be turned off. Vehicles with brake problems driving around, apparently, “by the day”. Are documented problems in Basel and a defective brake valve in Zurich. In a case that is, apparently, quite a few years back, to months-long trains on the road, of which you knew your brakes in certain weather conditions, work badly. Several drivers had complained at the time. They found no hearing.

these are serious allegations with which she is confronted. The SBB defend themselves: “security is a top priority,” says spokesman Olivier Dischoe. “Are safety-relevant components are not operational, not the train”, it means in General. The criticism of the condition of certain trains was wrong, so Dischoe. “The fire alarm systems are working properly and have no interference, otherwise the trains would not run.” A single fault had been found “a few weeks ago,” in a test vehicle on a non-commercial travel.

“safety is always maintained,” assures the spokesman. The vehicles would be monitored, if you are in the operation from a control room in real time.

in order to resist the press Department of the information of the drivers from our own ranks speaks.

Ribar looks Meyer on the Finger

the commitment of Ribar is Confirmed, however. The President has the head of internal audit, Stefan Raimann (51), commissioned in the workup of all reported problems to work on. Ribars right-Hand also works on other issues closely with her. In his role, he participates on the audit Committee of the Board of Directors.

This Commission deals with all transactions in the areas of accounting, taxes and insurance. The head of audit sits at the table when it comes to the Top risks of the group. Consequently, also those where the Welfare of the staff or the passengers in danger.

Raimann works independently of the operational management of the group, so regardless of CEO Meyer and his Entourage. Raimann reports directly to Ribar. He contributes to the new task force, internal Sicuro called. This was founded two months ago, after the death of the train attendant and experience and took care of him initially, only to the door problem.

Meanwhile, they expanded the focus of solid. “Within of Sicuro, all the information of employees to security issues-edited, which have been reported since the accident,” confirmed the SBB-spokesman. “Messages that go directly to Monika Ribar, are incorporated in this process.”

What is the Federal office for transport says the new information from the VIEW? Not a lot of. To take each of the incidents, the authority, of any comments. A spokesman maintains: “The security in public transport is at a very high level.”

*Name known to the editors