It looks, once again, one of these eyes, in which the SBB chief Andreas Meyer (58)involuntarily reveals what makes him tick, really: On Friday afternoon, the group declared a line in front of the media, what are the measures taken after the fatal accident of 4. August will be taken.

A Journalist asks what’s going to cost the replacement of the insufficient anti-pinch protection. Meyer is looking to his leadership crew, stretches, and responds with a serious expression: “only the security interest. On the cost, we have not talked about that yet.”

unfortunately, Toni haene (63), head of passenger transport, a fraction of a second start to respond later: “The Whole SBB will cost about 20 to 30 million Swiss francs.” The statement from his boss, is revealed as a PR maneuver.

After the beginning of August, had been injured by a SBB, in the train due to a faulty door control, fatally, responded on Friday by the Federal office for transport (BAV). It is committed to the SBB, to ensure the safe operation of the doors. In addition, the company needs to improve the display in the cab to the lock state of the doors quickly and in the medium term, the door control replace. Since the introduction of the special control at the 12. August, the SBB have discovered a total of 512 defects in 384-controlled trains and 1536 doors. The great part of it does not have any effect on the function of the doors and security was not relevant, to say the SBB. 66 a deficiency in the functioning had not been the anti-pinch is detected, seven of which have worked. All the shortcomings would be remedied as quickly as possible, it means.

Almost 13 years Andreas Meyer is now at the top of the SBB. When he took over the Post in 2007, was Christoph Blocher, Federal councillor, Köbi Kuhn as coach of the Swiss national team, and Marcel Ospel, President of the UBS. 25 members sat since then Railways in the Board of Directors of the Federal government, in the Executive Committee went, and came 21 people. The only constant was and is Andreas Meyer. Nevertheless, these days, it shows The long-time CEO, has not yet arrived in the SBB, it will be possible to it hardly.

It coincides with allegations of a

The fatal accident of Baden AG is tragic. It was in the past, but similar events. The grief of a deceased colleague welds us together, the employees of a company in the rule – whether a suit carrier or workers. Not so in the case of the SBB. Not this Time.

Instead of the crisis through together, a cover to each other with allegations. The Union criticized that their safety concerns would not be taken seriously. The head of the group, accuses the representatives of the employees, they took advantage of the accident for your purposes. In the case of death, to have revealed as a strong base and the chief of days of each other.

The role of Meyers is hardly to overestimate. The native of Basel has succeeded in all the years never to be of the simple employees as one of their recognized. Although he comes from a “railway” of the family, although he worked part-time during law school as a car cleaner. And yet he acts like a foreign body, if he leaves his send SBB headquarters in Bern-Wankdorf and tight step through a factory hall or a train marching.

dealing with technicians, cleaning staff or train Conductors on new “customer companion” – acts tense. Meyer wants to be popular. He tries desperately to be close to the Büezern build.

But it doesn’t work. Meyer fails again and again to yourself. For example, because he does so, as if he knew a worker personally and him by the wrong name called. Or because his tone of voice is not fast military research, if something is not running quite to his taste.

The “Railway” experience, Meyer simply as a Manager

It availed little that the Executive Committee had before one and a half years, announced that they wanted to be on first-name terms with the SBB in the future across all hierarchy levels. The “NZZ on Sunday” characterised this “clumsy attempt” aptly: “The shunting worker feels CEO, Andreas Meyer, not closely connected, because he is with him by You. An open ear for the concerns of the employees would promote collegiality and loyalty a lot more. Here, however, bitter complaints are heard.”

Now it’s bubbling to the SBB base. Many railway staff see in their work is more than just any Job. They are proud of their SBB at least once. For this reason, you will still have trouble in order that your boss seems to love the increase in efficiency more than the railway and the railway itself.

you will experience Meyer, in turn, not as a railway staff, but as a Manager, could also lead some other group. And you don’t want to accept the fact that you are now working in a company in which the digitalization seems to be more important than the challenge to bring a train on time, safely and reliably from point A to point B.

The SBB present themselves as a modern employer. With the ability to work in a home office and part-time work, seeks the company of smart people to make the “mobility of the future”.

For the Privileged, the benefit is great. But what is with all the hard-working hands that enable the mobility of the present? You the allowance of 1.45 Swiss francs per hour should be deleted from the beginning of the year for the Cleaning of train Toilets.

The appreciation is missing

Sunday view spoke to the head of the group, after the press conference from Friday on the bad mood among his employees. Meyer’s answer is likely to be shows feel for the Büezer in operation as a slap in the face: “Our annual survey, the employee satisfaction at the upper management levels, which are directly responsible to the group leadership, strong and at a high level. We have concentrated on.”

in The middle of the squad, the satisfaction was stable, but still not good enough. At lower levels you’ll be strong. Meyer promises: “we take care of that!” Each member of the group management regularly visit Teams at the base. “We don’t want to know what comes right at people.”

not on the other Hand, what matters to the people on the Basis of: statements such as these.

It is the lack of appreciation. Andreas Meyer himself.