the terrible death of a train attendant and experience would not have been guided If it is to be a fierce debate about the work processes in the SBB, it would be a Laugh: again and again, SBB-Zugchefs remain on the platform while your work without you leaving.

The customer’s companion, as the conductors hot your since the last timetable change, officially, have to then order a Taxi to a train, they are actually allocated, afterwards proceed. The cost for the Taxi should you charge the SBB.

departure permit by SMS

Sunday view spoke with several drivers and Zugchefs. And all of them had already experienced, that trains left, although the conductor was still on the platform. Due to the standard process of the SBB to Issue a departure permit is: 30 seconds before the departure of the train begins, therefore, with their proper settlement. He blocked his door and gives the Signal for departure. As a result, the driver closes the doors. Via SMS, the “customer companion issued” exit permit, and only then he gets on the train.

and to close his door leaves him with three to five seconds. Exactly this provision regularly leads to problems. The door locking is faulty then, as in case of the death of the train attendant and experience in Baden AG, in the worst case to an accident.

From Sunday-view on the left Zugchefs addressed, said SBB spokesman Reto Schärli: “This can happen in rare cases if, for example, the chief customer companion or his accompanying colleague is stopped after the clearance yet.” Since it is a matter of exceptional cases, the SBB is no separate statistics. “A security risk”, so Schärli is in such a case.

trade Union wants to exit as a rule, change the rules

Jürg Hurni of the trade Union of transport personnel (SEV), however, calls for an adjustment of the Exit. Today, the train Manager from solve in four-fifths of all cases, the departure by SMS to the driver before he got in. In order to increase the safety of the train Crew, the SEV, the train Manager will send the SMS only when he is already in the train and all the doors are closed.

This approach was in line with the German railway custom, Hurni. After a Meeting of the SBB, top with the SEV on Friday, it was agreed to check the procedure for the departure. Conductors that follow your train, take a Taxi, should belong to the adaptation of the process of the past.

When the train has left the station remains only the Taxi.