First maiden voyage and now the christening of The new flagship of the SBB, the Giruno, today is Thursday, with a delay, but in celebration of fleet addresses to enter in the SBB. In the train station of Bellinzona on Track 737 on the South side of the manufacturer Stadler Rail, SBB CEO Andreas Meyer, SBB-passenger Director, Toni a need to do so. Flanked by politicians from the Ticino, Uri and Graubünden and the city of Bellinzona.

That, of all things, these cantons are in the Celebration is no coincidence. The Giruno bears the epithet “Gotthardzug”, the official name given to San Gottardo is “”. In the future, it will be up to 250 km / h through the Gotthard base tunnel thunder.

The day of rejoicing for the SBB, however, is overshadowed by a tragedy. As today it became known, the accident on Sunday a train conductor in Baden AG deadly. In his Welcome on the train to travel to Bellinzona CEO, Meyer is deeply affected. “Nevertheless, the train is ordered to”, he concludes his comment to the misfortune. You can see the example of Giruno that the SBB would raise a whole lot of trains. “The vast majority of the time in the operation,” says Meyer.

15 minutes less on the train

In the case of the baptism of the Gotthardzugs Giruno VIEW has the first Details on the new timetable of 2021. This occurs with the opening of the Ceneri base tunnel in the force.

To do this, Toni Häne says: “In the international passenger traffic, we want to offer a fast connection from Zurich to Milan, with a journey time of around three hours.” New Connections lead to Genoa and Bologna. Directly will in the future go to Venice.

The advantages of the tunnel: 15 minutes shorter travel times and 50 instead of 60 passenger trains per day. Thanks to the Tunnel, go for Swiss German also directly to Locarno.

Especially important is the Ceneri is base tunnel in the Canton of Ticino, holding the SBB in its communication. Between Lugano and Bellinzona, and Locarno, and Lugano, the rides last only half as long. So 15 instead of 30 minutes and 30 instead of 60 minutes. In addition, travelers from Locarno no longer have to change trains to Lugano in Giubiasco.

In a year all the trains are in use

In the roadmap 2020 want the Federal Railways for the time being, three of the new high-speed trains that you have announced already earlier. One day then 29 compositions to nozzles through Switzerland. You will be introduced as from December 2019 in a phased manner, write to the SBB in today’s media release.

First, you just drive up to the Ticino, from next spring, but then on to Milan. By the end of 2020, all 29 Girunos should be on the rails. The Ceneri base tunnel was opened.