The SBB are one of the most successful operators of shopping centers in the country. To come to this conclusion, there is no need of operation to roll around economic Numbers. It is sufficient, on a normal Sunday at Migros or Coop in a Central station and stop by. The rush is so huge that security personnel must maintain order.

The train at the limit of the privileges granted by the law. What company wouldn’t? After the large, the medium and small railway stations are converted into shopping temples. On Sundays or late at night to shop, is a need of modern society – the SBB have recognized this, consistently. And even make it good: The shops in the train stations offer a wide variety and are of high quality. In spite of thousands of square meters of Retail surface, it seems nowhere to be dingy or even dirty – in contrast to some other stations abroad.

While you may find it strange that a train can take state-owned companies have so much influence on the retail trade. Who wants to change something, but should not start with the SBB. The success of the train station, shopping centres, shows how old-fashioned the laws for shop opening hours in Germany.

needs to change. Flexible shop, one of them. It is time that all the stores have the same options as the SBB. Softens the opening Hours!