SBB passengers to buy their train ticket via mobile App, you’ll need to schedule extra time. After all, who rushes in at the last Minute on the train and his ticket solves, after the train has already left the station, you will be punished.

last week, had made the Portal “Central plus” a case of public. LOOK white from a variety of other examples. A very abstruse: Kathrin Buholzer (46) was driving last September from the Zurich HB to the Station Hardbrücke. “I booked my Mobile Ticket at 21.30 for the train, should leave at 21.37 PM. Then I got on the train on the designated Track. The drove also to the hardware bridge, but would want to 21.28 at exit and it was too late. He went to 21.34 at.”

Because your ticket was only 21.37 PM valid, conceding Buholzer, a 90-franc fine. You would have bought your ticket from the vending machine wouldn’t have happened – it would simply have been from the time of purchase valid for one hour.

buses in all respects, unfair

“Absurd, not understandable, and dissuasive,” says consumer activist Josianne Walpen this practice. The SBB will have to push the responsibility to the national collective organization CH-Direct, which draws up the rules. And this has a VIEW-request an interesting justification of Europe: you would not treat all passengers the same – that is, those without the App at a disadvantage to those with the App. The idea that Innovation should bring benefits to the point of absurdity? Paid.

And yet there is in all the absurdities of a ray of light: Buholzer was adopted in the buses, after they had stubbornly insists the SBB-buses-call center: “you have to understand that these buses is in all respects unfair.” Some Bähnlern it does not seem to be the own rules.