this Morning, the SBB App is on strike. At least their function, with the help of the passengers, tickets can buy. “Oops!”, in the error message the App if you want to pay. You should choose a different connection, or a physical ticket on the spot to solve.

Stupid is the for all those for whom the purchase via the App normally, and have factored in no time, still extra at the counter or at the ATM. Who rises still in the train, must hope that the inspectors are accommodating.

First of all, the commuter newspaper “20 minutes reported” of the disorder.

No end in sight

The SBB write request: “Due to a technical fault may currently be in the SBB Mobile App and Online Tickets purchased. The professionals working with high pressure to fix the fault.” An end is not in sight, it was called almost two hours after its Occurrence.

more Spontaneous buyers of tickets were Affected; commuters have a longer-term subscription. To not be congestion at counters, or vending machine, it came, said Schärli. (kst/SDA)