Easter is coming. The weather is, get Mr and Mrs Swiss Hiking shoes from the basement, stuck GA or half-fare travelcard in the backpack and travel with train and Bus in the mountains.

But be careful! Those who trust blindly to the SBB App or from the ticket machines at the train station, paid for the trip on his favorite wall, earth Tina-tion may significantly too much. Typing in just the place of departure and destination, the cost of the ride is into the Green up to a third more than those who purchase the ticket a little more time.

Two separate bookings

An example: The city of Bern, Hans pattern on good Friday, to Jaun, FR. To be able to walk in the gruyère region, as early as possible begin, he rises in Bern, around 6.34 PM on the train. Via Freiburg, he gets to COP from there with the Bus to Jaun. 8: 22 PM he is there. After a multi-hour hike and a breathtaking view of the Gastlosen – in the afternoon back to Bern again via Bulle and Fribourg.

Mr pattern 2. Class and has a half-fare travelcard. SBB App and ticket vending machine will charge him for the journey described above (Bern–Jaun return) 47.20 francs. Makes Mr pattern but two separate bookings (Bern–Fribourg returns, Fribourg Jaun return), cost him the trip only 31 francs, in spite of the same Route, the same trains, the same buses! He saves 16.20 Swiss francs, more than a third of the SBB-App originally specified selling price.

This is not an isolated case. From Zürich HB to Fusio in the Ticino, the maggia valley, the half-fare travelcard holders to pay with a direct-booking 45.80 francs. With two separate bookings (Zürich HB–Locarno, Locarno–Fusio) cost of the trip, however, only 39.10 franc, 15 percent less.

– saving potential from Zürich HB of

Significant savings potential is also from Zurich HB to Lucerne, a place of pilgrimage Luthern Bad (13 per cent), from Bern to the Schwarzsee, FR (16%) or by train to Rossa GR (eleven percent). The list goes on. Especially when traveling to remote places by public TRANSPORT should consider users, therefore if you can save money if you book your trip in two stages.

But why is that even necessary? Why spit out the SBB App does not always automatically the cheapest ticket price?

The SBB want to take a position, and refer to CH-Direct, the national tariff Association of public transport, the 250 transport companies belong to. There, the Problem is known and is based on the grounds that there is in Switzerland, there are two different fare types. Speaker Thomas Ammann: “In the national Direct traffic, to which all of the transport companies involved, will track prices on a kilometre basis calculated. This is a Degression, so that the price per kilometre decreases, the further one departs. In the regional Associations, the area is divided into zones, and it moves within a Zone, regardless of distance, for the same price.” The different tariff systems effected depending on the route, different prices. This was particularly the case, if you need as in most of the examples of VIEW – very, many, or all zones of a regional fare network.

subsidies of the regional network

“The different systems that are politically desired and, in particular, are controlled by the cantons,” says Ammann. This would be in the interest of, to transport their residents as cheaply as possible on the regional network and subsidised the regional composite is therefore particularly strong.

By 1. January 2020 organizing the national Direct traffic and the consortia in terms of organisation, in the future to work more closely together. As a result, the tariff should be simplified to the system in the long term, and unified. Until then, the following applies: The Wise moves in the Wake of the Bay but never on the fly.