CHF 2.4 billion in health costs, more than two million illnesses and nearly 3,000 premature deaths – a single cause: lack of exercise. The now wants to prevent another health insurer.

The Visana offers the additional insured in your App is the ability to collect through regular movement points. This requires only the activation of a common Gesundheitsapp and 5000 steps per day. From then on, there are points. Up to 120 francs reward per year there are.

criticism of motion programs

not to get into a similar predicament as the Helsana, allows Visana also injured or handicap people who collect the points through customer loyalty.

Helsana launched two years ago, a similar program – and this is also the reason insurance extended. This is not so allowed, “the Sick and the Old are discriminated against” was at that time the main criticism.

The Problem with all of these Apps: they intensify the hunt for good risks. It is tempting, to win customers with a good movement pattern as in the basic insurance, as the premium payer.