Pandemic coronavirus infection faced by the whole world, seriously confused our plans. A few months ago we tried to plan vacations a year in advance, and now do not even know when we can dine at your favorite coffee shop (and open it if after quarantine, this cafe!). The crisis of 2020 showed us that the principles of the new generation to invest in property, and in the experience of pleasure and experience is still not perfect. It is not known when we will again be able to travel or gather with friends at a crowded festival, which is not true of purchases, including real estate. And it is better not to postpone it indefinitely: after the pandemic, active financial buyers return to the market, and the supply may be reduced.

Despite the fact that the crisis of 2020 was not only epidemiological, but also economic, has suffered from many, but not all. Many Russians – especially the employees of large companies or government agencies – retained earnings in full, but the cost of them has decreased significantly: in the spring of 2020 there were no restaurants, no theatre and cinema, was not training at the fitness club… and, of course, were not pleasure trips. As a result, the money saved. Similar to the experience of Asian countries shows that after the abolition of the regime of self-isolation people are returning to the market with an active customer’s position, and as a result we are waiting for a surge of demand for property.

– we were delayed quite a large sum for the wedding, about one million roubles, – say thirty years Muscovites Marina and Denis. They need to get married at the end of may. – Planned a magnificent celebration: a restaurant for 50 people, expensive dress, the flowers, and then going away for two weeks in Italy. Well, not managed to pay most of all, the quarantine came.

For objective reasons young people had to give up a lot: and from the restaurant, and invitations to a large number of guests, and, of course, from a trip to Italy.

We decided at the cottage to do a little holiday for friends and family, there gonna cut the cake. And the remaining money will invest in real estate, it turned out just a good first payment on the mortgage – continue the couple.

the Acute housing problem in front of them is not necessary – now the guys live in the apartment of Marina, which she inherited from her grandmother. However, housing in Moscow, as you know, are not redundant – this investment in the future, and the ability to rent an apartment to rent and add revenue to the family budget… and after many years, maybe this apartment will be a “life start” for the unborn child.

Indeed, in the last few years this theory is supported by facts: the purchase of apartments in Moscow is recognized as a more profitable investment than xwound appropriate amount on Deposit in the Bank. Today banks offer preferential program of mortgage credits for purchasing apartments in new buildings is only 6.5%. Also, some developers have developed with banks proposals for additional funding of the mortgage. For example, in GK of FSK, there are two such programs: co VTB BANK (JSC) – mortgages at 0.5% to the end of the year, and with January 2021 and 6.5%. And the program from JSC “ALFA-BANK” – to the end of the year the borrower pays only 0.01%, from 2021 to 6.5%. It turns out that throughout 2020, the developer repays the loan for the buyer. So for those who have spare money, now is the time to buy – especially because you can choose from the many proposals among newly constructed properties.

it is Important to understand that over time, the apartment will only go up. For example, if you buy housing in a newly built house, by the time of its commissioning, prices will rise by 10-15 per cent is the law of the market. In a few years when the new quarter will acquire the infrastructure for its shopping, established neighborhood community, housing price will rise by another 10 percent. So even if a few years the apartment for some reason decided to sell, you will benefit.

in addition, better hurry up: the market of new buildings in the next year demand will exceed supply – for three consecutive years the tendency to reduction of permits issued for construction in Moscow and Moscow region.

the Main thing in a crisis is to select a reliable Builder that will not fail. The current crisis will survive not all but a large company with its own production facilities. They should give preference. The rating of the reliable companies, for example, was “Forbes”: a list of 20 companies, with annual revenues from the sale of real estate in recent years has exceeded 50 billion rubles. Seventh place in the ranking took the GK FSK. Over 15 years in the market of GC FGC has built 6.5 million sq metres of real estate – such indicators can be trusted.