The 9-euro ticket will be available in just seven days and is part of the federal government’s billion-euro relief package. Owners should use local public transport more often. FOCUS Online says how to redeem the cheap ticket in order to be able to travel abroad with little money.

While the Bundesrat still has to approve the federal government’s relief package and thus the 9-euro ticket, and although it is still unclear who will bear the costs, Deutsche Bahn will start pre-selling the ticket on May 23rd.

The 9-euro ticket is valid for one month and is issued in June, July and August. The first 9 euro ticket is valid from June 1st (for 30 days). It will be abolished again on August 31st. If you want to benefit from the measure consistently in all three months, you have to pay 27 euros.

On the one hand, the 9-euro ticket is considered a financial relief. On the other hand, German citizens should leave their cars, mopeds or motorcycles at home and primarily use local public transport.

The 9-euro ticket is valid throughout Germany during the validity period (“June”, “July” or “August”) and also on the regional train (RB), the regional express (RE), the interregio express (IRE), the airport express (FEX). ) and in the Metropolis Express (MEX).

The ticket is particularly lucrative for commuters. Instead of the monthly subscription card, which usually costs between 30 and 70 euros per month, they can travel to work for a total of 27 euros for three months.

Vacationers also benefit. From now on you don’t have to pay for expensive airport tickets to get to the airport or you can travel across the whole of Germany on the regional train, the regional express and other public transport trains for nine euros a month.

However, there are two catches: Such train journeys take significantly longer than express trains, for example. Travelers also have to change trains more often on longer routes in local transport. This can be a challenge for families with young children.

On the route between Munich and Berlin, for example, vacationers must reckon with a nine-hour train journey. At the same time, travelers have to change their mode of transport three times on the route.

FOCUS Online says: Book connections with the ICE, IC or EC in good time for longer train routes. Prices are usually based on demand. So the earlier you book, the cheaper the train journey will ultimately be. It is unclear whether

You can also save a lot on flights if travelers have the 9-euro ticket and thus migrate to neighboring and cheaper airports. Most of the time, the tickets for larger airports cost a lot more money because the flight tax is significantly higher.

Case study: The cheapest direct flight with suitcase and hand luggage from Munich to Mallorca costs 388 euros (Lufthansa) for the travel period between June 6 (outbound flight) and June 13 (return flight). Ryanair flights via Nuremberg Airport only cost 209 euros. With the regional express, the train journey from Munich to Nuremberg takes just under two hours.

Smaller airports in the vicinity can drastically reduce the fare. However, it is true that not all international destinations are served by smaller airports and travelers should generally expect between one and often three hours of local transport by train.

When traveling by plane to popular holiday destinations within Germany or other EU countries, neighboring smaller airports are worthwhile. For example, use Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport instead of Hanover Airport or Düsseldorf-Weeze Airport instead of the larger Düsseldorf Airport. You can also use Dortmund Airport instead of Düsseldorf Airport to get to your travel destination.

For travel destinations in Spain, Bulgaria and Greece you save several hundred euros in the high season between the end of June and mid-July.

Other good alternatives:

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