Encased in a prison of Saudi Princess Basma bint Saud appealed via Twitter to his uncle king Salman bin Abdul Aziz and his cousin Mohammed bin Salman, with the pardon in connection with the advent of the Holy Muslim month of Ramadan. “As already mentioned earlier, I currently am in the prison of al-Hayer with his daughter Suhad al-Sharif, and my condition continues to deteriorate day by day, which could lead to my death. After filing the first appeal I was not released and did not consider my case, and I didn’t get proper treatment,” said in a Twitter Princess. “I don’t know if you know that I’m still in jail, she turned to her uncle and cousin.— Please consider my business, so I can go free and get the necessary treatment as are in a critical situation”.What exactly accuse the Princess is not known for certain — officially this was not reported. It is also not clear what her sentence was handed down. Some media reported that the Princess was accused of trying to forge a passport. According to the family know that the charges were dropped, but she still remains in prison with her daughter.55-year-old Princess disappeared from public space in March last year. As reported by the media, she was arrested while trying to travel to Switzerland for treatment. Princess Basma is the youngest daughter of the second king of Saudi Arabia Saud bin Abdul Aziz, who had more than 100 children. She barely saw his father and grew up in Beirut, studied in Switzerland, UK and USA. Princess divorced, she has five children. In recent years she was engaged in business and was actively involved in the activities of human rights organizations, including advocated a change in divorce laws, spoke about the role of women in society, insisted on the reforms in education and judicial system, in particular, criticized the religious police. In January of 2018, in an interview with BBC Arabic, which was her last appearance in major media, Princess Basma bint Saud has urged Saudi Arabia to stop its military campaign in Yemen.The first tweets of the Princess, after a year of silence appeared two weeks ago, but then disappeared. As explained, they were removed due to account hacking. Now, all Twitter posts are mediaofis Princess.Apart from the Princess to the king with a request for pardon on the occasion of Ramadan addressed, and other relatives of political prisoners, including many women. They draw attention to the lack of medical assistance in prisons. This is including as one of the causes of death of prominent Saudi human rights activist, co-founder of the Saudi Association of civil and political rights Abdullah Hamid Ali al-Hamid, who died last week in prison, g��e was 2013.Marianna Belenkaya