Saudi authorities detained 298 state officials

the government of Saudi Arabia announced the arrest of hundreds of government officials, including military and security personnel, on charges of bribery and abuse of power, reports Reuters.

Dozens of representatives of the economic and political elite of the Kingdom were detained in 2017 at the Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh in the framework of austerity measures, which has led to confusion of some foreign investors in the Kingdom.

last year, the Royal court stated that the anti-corruption campaign will be closed after 15 months, but authorities later said that it would begin to investigate cases of bribery in respect of ordinary government officials.

anti-corruption organization Nazaha said on Twitter that 298 against the arrested officials are accused of crimes, including bribery, illegal embezzlement and abuse of office.

Just as felt the power of the Kingdom, such criminal acts have caused damage in the amount of 101 million dollars.

Among those who were affected by the investigation, eight employees of the Ministry of defence, suspected of bribery and money laundering government contracts, 2005-2015, and 29 employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs in the Eastern province, including three colonels, major-General and Brigadier-General.

Two judges were arrested for accepting bribes, as well as nine officials charged with corruption in al-Redska the University of al-Maarifa, which led to severe damage to buildings and deaths and injuries reported in Nazaha.

the Agency did not provide names and other details about the cases under investigation.