Salman threw on Thursday night at the start of a crisis summit of the Gulf cooperation Council (GCC) in Mecca and Iran to support terrorist and his influence expand. Saudi Arabia had always extended its Hand for peace.

Directly after the GCC-is planned for a summit of the Arab League, at the same time Iran will have to be discussed. Both peaks are considered to be attempt by the Sunni Saudi Arabia, to rally the Region in the conflict with the Shiite arch-rival Iran to. The GCC Peninsula belong to the six States of the Arabian. The Arab League counts more than 20 members from the Region. Both organizations are dominated by Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Minister of state for foreign Affairs, Adel al-Dschubair, had said before the start of the summit of the Arab newspaper “Al-Sharq al-Awsat,” the aim of the two Meetings was to condemn the Iranian policy in the Region. In an Interview with the British BBC he said at the same time, Saudi Arabia did not want war with Iran. However, must rein in Iran, if the return to normality should succeed.

Saudi Arabia had stepped up with an ally of the US in the past few weeks, the sound to the neighbours and, hence, fears of a war awakened. The Kingdom accuses Iran of pins in the Region of unrest, and makes it for a number of attacks. This also includes acts of sabotage against four commercial ships off the coast of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) count. In regional conflicts such as in Syria or in Yemen, the two are on different pages.