the Internet is full of amazing footage from some of the most legendary concerts. Enjoy these while you wait to be able to go to a concert again.

Live Aid (1985)

TASTE: the Concert is divided in many parts. On YouTube you will get all the.

Who: The greatest artists
When: 1985
Where: Wembley, London and the Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia
See it: YouTube

LiveAid has an official YouTube channel where they have collected throughout the 10 hour long concert for the benefit of the famine in Ethiopia. The initiators Bob the Absence and Midge Ure let that one verdensstjernen to supersede the other in a Saturday night music marathon of epic dimensions.

Especially remembered is the Queens appearance, which was led by Freddie Mercury in top form, and the charismatic lead showed a publikumstekke who may still not have been surpassed. Queens legendary sekslåterssett on Live Aid have also received the rather prestigious the subtitle “20 minutes that changed music forever”.

The National, Sydney Opera House (2014)

Who: The National
When: 2014
Where: the Sydney Opera House, Sydney
Watch it on: YouTube

The american indierockbandet The National with the each species is balanced out Matt Berninger in the lead has waded in praise for his masterful musikkhåndverk, and several of the concerts has gone into the history books as the watershed experiences.

This utendørskonserten on the beautiful Sydney Opera House not only offers almost two hours of indiehits, but also an iconic backdrop where Berningers distinctive baritone vocals turn towards the centre of oslo exterior walls.

James Blake, NPR Music Front Row (2013)

Who: James Blake
When: 2013
Where: 9:30 Club, Washington DC
Watch it on: YouTube

This beautiful and genrebusting night contained everything you could want from a James Blake concert: dansefot-provocative bassdrops, introverte and minimalist vokalpartier with loopmaskin, and a focused audience.

That one can experience this concert on the close, even 7 years later, is one of the best things the people behind the popular phenomenon of “the Internet” have taken on.

Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese (1975/2019)

Who: Bob Dylan/Martin Scorsese
When: 1975/2019
Where: USA tour
Watch it on: Netflix

This challenging film is a mix of fiction and documentary insight into Bob dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue tour in 1975. It consists mainly of restored clips from the Dylan film “Renaldo and Clara” from 1978, but Martin Scorsese’s unmistakable fingerprints are present during the entire experience.

Here to find out what is real and what is fiction.

Beyonce, the Homecoming (2019)

Who: Beyonce Knowles
When: 2018
Where: Coachella, California
See it: Netflix

Beyoncés already historic concert at Coachella in 2018 is attached to the film strip, well packed into documentary fabric. You can expect a close and in-depth insight into the process that leads up to one of superstjernens biggest and best performances ever.

Movie figurerte on the top movies throughout 2019, and also won a Grammy for best musikkfilm during this year’s distribution.

See, listen and enjoy.