The Ambri Fans surpassed themselves on Saturday in Biel. They sang before the game, during the game, in the breaks and also after the final siren, as the 1:3 defeat was long officially. Wonderful.

And even players and coaches Luca Cereda is not ruled then that mix of Anger and Spite you’d expect from Teams that just lost a Playoff game. Gentleman Cereda welcomed and adopted, as usual, each journalist with a handshake, and analyzed the game left. “It was certainly not our best game. But we also had good moments,” he admitted.

Nothing seems to be able to currently in a good mood at the Biancoblù who have qualified after a sensational season for the first time since 2014 for the Playoffs, dull.

aggressiveness, and a willingness to suffer

However, without the pressure to compete, it is not enough. And satisfaction and bliss are a poor breeding ground in the Playoffs (in the case of Ambri once again) grow. Ambri does not want to without a whimper against the game strong Bieler’s departure, it needs a little bit of a bad mood, aggressiveness, wickedness, and willingness to suffer.

Cereda does not believe that the tension was gone after the Playoff qualification, and stresses that his team fought until the end. And yet he demands of his players that they are waiting for the two fights come to you, but that you are looking for you.

Hiller against Ambri: 5 games, 3 goals against

Ambri must enter the Bielern on the toes and the foot. Because the Zeeland have won all five of their matches in this season against the Canton Ticino, were able to afford it on Saturday, to play for the gallery. Goalie Jonas Hiller has only three (!) Have conceded.

“We need to not only put Hiller under pressure,” said Cereda. The Leventiner have to move the General Party mood aside, and the passion to develop, which made them the Surprise team of the qualification.

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